VMware Explore 2023

It's been a few weeks since I returned from VMware Explore 2023 in Las Vegas, which has given me some time to review the information I gathered from sessions and hallway track discusions with Product team members. A few of the items and features of interest:

  • NSX 4.1.1 feature - VPC for tenancy, essentially allows for users to provision their topology. In addition to the Projects feature, the new VPC feature allows for granular RBAC access to create objects without being able to see all objects of that type. This should be great for integrations with mult-tenant CI/ CD flows in Tanzu
  • Tanzu - Good tips on resource management for TKG: each vSphere cluster should have independent storage. Use tags on datastore for use by storage polices. Don't allow user self-service of the vSphere namespaces.
  • NSX Monitoring - NSX Ops Playbook - contains recommended API endpoints for Operational checks and training. Tips on how to check resources, for example: using load_average instead of running top on the appliance; checking garbage collection frequency instead of monitoring memory; RSS only works on same NUMA node, and check drivers.
  • vRNI (ArON) - new application topology in 6.11. They've also upgraded the UI, with better drill-down.

I will be testing some of these in the Lab when I get time, particularly the NSX VPC feature. Interested in checking if quotas on VPC work!